September 1, 2019

Welcome to Our Wedding

Hannah Rosenblatt & Stephen Skunta

Our Story

I Found Him


At the picnic table, I sat, while some girls and I chat

Looked over and saw a nice man in a hat

He stood out in the crowd in a sweatshirt of green

Mr. Popular looked like a star on the screen

“Steve three” the boys shouted, while classes began

Since then I thought “I’ll make him my man”.


As the days went by, we began to be friends

Talking at the picnic table, wishing time wouldn’t end

When he smiled at me, my feelings did swirl

I first noticed his lips would go up with a curl


I looked for him daily, as the bell would ring

Butterflies in my stomach, as I’d start babbling  

Too timid to say something, my feelings would go

Became sad that our time together would end tomorrow.


Later that night, I saw him draw near

A letter in his hand, my heart in high gear

He gave it to me with that smile I loved

And told me to read it, to which I was stunned


I walked back to my room, i sat on my bed

No one around, so many thoughts in my head

As I opened the letter, four pages of feelings

I couldn’t believe what I was reading

My eyes began to swell, as I started to learn

That Steve loved me too, it was finally our turn


Six years later, in two thousand eighteen

Steve got on one knee and made me his queen

I can’t wait for our lives, to begin as one

I love you Steve three, please be my husband?

She  Found  Me

Hannah oh Hannah

I found you in the most unlikely of place

And through perseverance, we were sitting face to face
The guys were all calling for me to come play
But I was more interested in what you had to say

Three months had gone by
And you're still the one in my eye

We got our first apartment
Near Coventry we did reside 
It was not a nice place but it was able to provide
We did a lot of growing both with our jobs and our life
It was around that time I decided you would eventually be My wife.

We moved further east to a nicer abode
We picked up our first fur baby, Obi I'm told. 
He completed our lives, but there was still something missing
Making you my wife is what I was wishing

"No holidays I said" as you waited and waited
When and where would I do it is what I debated
Our favorite restaurant, of course, is what I decided
Celebrating with our families, everyone was so delighted

A year has gone by since we set the date
I don't know where the time went but we're doing great
You've planned everything for our special day
you've done a fantastic job and paved the way

Just under 90 days to go until we say I do
I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else but you
I love you, Hannah, I think you know that
Lets grow old together and even get fat!

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